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Hi Moisture Corn  04/18/17 12:42:37 PM

Producers looking to reduce costs and ultimately increase profits for their beef and dairy operations may want to consider utilizing hi moisture corn for their energy source. Hi moisture corn can be used on virtually any farm to increase intakes and reduce drying costs for very little extra cost. Hi moisture corn can be cracked or ground and stored in a bunker, silage bag or even upright silos. In the process of comparing the cost of drying we have produced a chart using extension and industry data to arrive at an average cost associated with drying corn. This chart does not take into consideration the extra value from increased energy digestability and starch reduction which can be very limiting in some diets. Contact Simons Grain and Feed for more information to fit your specific farming operation. If you would like us to import your numbers into this chart email us at .   Al can also help you to fit in Hi Moisture Ground Ear Corn into your diets and also incorporating Wet By-Products!

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